Tony Fraser-Jones is the managing director and business coach at Profitable Tradie. He specializes in helping business owners improve their bottom lines and work-life balance. He strives to empower great Tradies with the skills they need to realize their entrepreneurial visions.

Having worked with over 876 businesses in the trades, Tony has already seen what successful companies do that makes them winners — which he shares with you in this episode. He also highlights the Above and Below the Line Concept, the practical things business owners can do to start operating above the line, and more!

To find out if you think and act like a winner, tune in to this episode!

Listen in and learn about:

  • How Tony started Profitable Tradie
  • What successful business owners have in common
  • The Above and Below the Line Concept and how to apply it
  • What winners do to operate above the line

Mentioned on the episode:

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