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Denise Goodyear: Why Identifying Your Target Audience is Key for Effective Marketing

Apr 12, 2022

Do you ever feel exhausted trying to be everything to everybody? Or maybe you’ve considered catering directly to a specific target audience with your business, but you’re not sure where to even begin? Denise Goodyear is the president of Intuitive Media and an award-winning marketer, with over 20 years of marketing experience under her belt. […]

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Krystal Hobbs: Reach More People With Text Message Marketing

Apr 05, 2022

One of the most powerful tools in your business toolkit is text messaging. Do you use it? In this episode of Beyond The Tools, Krystal Hobbs breaks down all the benefits of text messaging for businesses. She shares client experiences and related statistics, proving how effective text messaging is compared to other modes of communication. […]

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Arin Darcan: Building Better Bridges Between Clients and Leads

Mar 29, 2022

Are you struggling to follow up with all the leads for your business? Some say a high lead volume is a good problem to have, but if you aren’t following up effectively, you’re missing out on thousands of dollars in new revenue and potentially damaging your company’s reputation in the process. Arin Darcan is the […]

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5 Common Pitfalls for Contractors Looking to Grow

Mar 22, 2022

Are you a contractor who constantly juggles multiple tasks at once? Are you having trouble remembering certain key details and processes? Or do you find it difficult to build better relationships with your clients? If you said yes to any of these, then you may unwittingly be preventing your business from growing to its full […]

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Megan Bedford: A Contemporary Approach to Sustaining Skilled Trade Careers

Mar 15, 2022

Interested in taking a career in skilled trades? Megan Bedford, owner and founder of Mugyver Consulting and founder and chairwoman of Desk Free Nation, chats with us about the hows and whys of skilled trade career development for children. Megan started out as an advertising sales agent with the Yellow Pages and then launched a […]

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How to Master Your Craft and Become Unstoppable With Mike Claudio

Mar 08, 2022

Is your business suffering from mediocrity and brand confusion? Mike Claudio is the CEO and Head Coach at WinRate Consulting. He initially ventured out working in sales for Verizon, but then later found success in helping remodeling and roofing companies grow. Currently, he is a business professional coach and mentor, founder of a noble non-profit […]

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