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Krystal Hobbs: Get More Job Applicants with Social Media

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Welcome to Beyond the Tools, the podcast that helps contractors attract more leads, grow their business, and finally get off the tools!

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Krystal Hobbs: Get More Job Applicants with Social Media

Jul 12, 2022

From initially connecting friends with each other, social media platforms have emerged into being a powerful and essential tool for businesses. Not only can you promote your brand, but you can also use it to drive awareness about your current job openings and ultimately get more applicants! In this episode, Krystal Hobbs tackles social media, […]

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Tony Fraser-Jones: What Sets Winners Apart From the Rest

Jul 05, 2022

Tony Fraser-Jones is the managing director and business coach at Profitable Tradie. He specializes in helping business owners improve their bottom lines and work-life balance. He strives to empower great Tradies with the skills they need to realize their entrepreneurial visions. Having worked with over 876 businesses in the trades, Tony has already seen what […]

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Ellen Rohr: Why It’s Time to Think About Raising Your Prices

Jun 28, 2022

When Ellen Rohr married a plumber, she also married into the plumbing business. After nearly sinking their company, Ellen managed to turn things around and grow it. She is now the owner and President of Zoom Drain Franchise, LLC., a franchise system for service companies in the drain and sewer cleaning industry. Ellen authored several […]

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Don Gulevich: How To Build a Family Value Driven Company

Jun 21, 2022

Treating your business like your family has many benefits, but most people are unaware of just how much impact it can have. We also wondered that, until we had the opportunity to chat with Don Gulevich, the owner of Coastal Heat Pumps. Coastal Heat Pumps is a family-owned and operated company providing heat pump installation, […]

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Jason Brady: A Data Driven Approach to Business Growth

Jun 14, 2022

Are you running a feelings-based business but struggling to see growth? Then maybe you should consider trying a more data-driven approach. Jason Brady is the owner and CEO of Above and Beyond Service Company, a family-owned business located in Edmond and Oklahoma City. Jason initially started out as a maintenance manager and mechanical contractor at […]

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Jennifer Reynolds: Energize Your Business With Personal Branding

Jun 07, 2022

Do you ever feel like your home service business could use a jolt of energy? Jennifer Reynolds is the owner of Jenergy Air Services, a family-owned HVAC service provider in Florida. She started as a dispatcher for her father-in-law’s air-conditioning company. She went from being a personal trainer at a gym to doing networking and […]

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