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Krystal Hobbs Knows Social Media

Social Media Speaking & Training

Looking for actionable social media expertise for your team or your next event?

Our social media speaking and training sessions are known for being highly practical, hands-on, and tailored to each group. Most topics are available for 45, 60, or 90 minute sessions, or they can be extended to be a full day.

Get Known on Facebook!


So, you’ve got a Facebook Page. Now what? Facebook is a powerful tool, but when the average Page reaches under 3% of its fans, getting in front of your potential customers isn’t so easy. If you find yourself saying “my business is doing amazing things, but no one seems to know about them”, you’ve come to the right session. This session is designed to simplify your social media posts, so you can stop wasting time online and get back to running your business. Learn how you can use compelling content on Facebook to drive more likes, clicks, and sales, and finally get your business known.


•  Pinpoint your 3-point social media strategy
•  Implement a weekly content template
•  Kickstart your Facebook content to accomplish your goals
•  Measure your results

Duration: 2.5 hours

Get Insta-Growth with Instagram! How To Grow Your Awareness & Customer Base


Feeling hesitant about Instagram? With its growing popularity and 15+ million business accounts, it may be time for you to join the crowd! In this half-day session, we’ll learn how to use Instagram to craft your business story and inspire your audience to act. Bring your phone along so you can learn and explore as we start your Insta-growth!


  • Demonstrate the benefits of Instagram for business
  • Create and optimize your Instagram Business Account
  • Craft your first Instagram post and story
  • Analyze your Insta-success!

Duration: 3 hours

Attract Your Ideal Customer With Facebook Ads Manager


Are you frustrated with the lack of results from your Facebook ads? Likes are irrelevant if you’re not reaching the right audience and accomplishing your marketing goals. If you’ve experimented with Facebook ads but aren’t seeing measurable results, this session is for you! We’ll share our expertise on creating effective ads with Facebook Ads Manager and measuring results to ensure you’re reaching your marketing goals. Learn both the technical details and the strategy behind Facebook ads in our half-day session!

*Please note: this session requires wireless internet access for all participants.


•  Reach your goals with Facebook ads
•  Find potential customers with precise targeting
•  Create ads that your audience wants to engage with
•  Understand your ad campaign performance

Duration: 3 hours

Facebook Video Marketing: The Personal Power of Facebook Video for Your Business


Wondering how to leverage Facebook video for your business? Video marketing is an essential component of today’s social media landscape, and it no longer requires extensive resources. Done right, video on social media will boost your exposure, create a memorable, shareable experience, and convert more followers into customers.

If you’re ready to take your Facebook presence to the next level with video content, this session is for you! We’ll show you how to develop your video strategy, maximize Facebook’s video platform, and plan your first Facebook video. Join us during this half-day session to amplify your brand with Facebook video marketing!

*Please note: this session requires internet access for the speaker.


•  Use video to get more exposure and sales
•  Create an engaging video without expensive equipment
•  Maximize Facebook’s video platform
•  Measure the success of your video marketing

Duration: 2.5 hours

The Power of Facebook Live to Attract Your Audience


Are you frustrated that your Facebook posts aren’t being seen by potential customers? Are you nervous about something going wrong during a live video? On average, people spend 3 times longer watching live video on Facebook than pre-recorded video. With Facebook Live, you can better connect with your audience and create a memorable, shareable experience without expensive video equipment or time-consuming editing.

Done right, Facebook Live will boost your exposure and convert more followers into customers. With the tools, tactics, and technical run-through you experience in this session, you will confidently create your first Facebook Live to attract more of the right people to your business!


•  Understand the power of Facebook Live
•  Determine how you can effectively use Facebook Live for your association

Duration: 1.5 hours

LinkedIn Marketing: Growing Your Credibility, Your Visibility, And Your Business


LinkedIn is so much more than an online version of your resume. This social channel is ideal for building your personal brand, enhancing your professional reputation, and developing professional relationships with clients and colleagues. This session is perfect for you if you’re in a B2B industry and looking to enhance your presence on LinkedIn. We’ll show you how to optimize your personal profile, connect with other professionals, and create your company page. Join us for this half-day session to learn how to develop your reputation and create valuable connections on LinkedIn!


  • Recognize the power of LinkedIn for your business
  • Create and optimize your personal LinkedIn profile
  • Connect with clients, prospects, and colleagues
  • Enhance your reputation with thought leadership content and conversation

Duration: 3 hours

About the Speaker

Krystal Hobbs – Owner & Strategist, Reflective Marketing

The #BossLady at Reflective Marketing, Krystal Hobbs has dedicated her career to helping businesses of all sizes get known and grow using the power of social media. After founding her social media marketing agency in 2014—an endeavour inspired by both her passion for helping businesses grow and her experience in marketing roles at various local and national organizations—Krystal went on to win NLOWE’s 2017 Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award. Since then, Krystal has invested in cutting-edge Facebook Ads training, making her one of the most advanced social media marketers in Atlantic Canada. Krystal holds a Bachelor of Commerce from Memorial University and has multiple online marketing certifications from Facebook, Google, and Hubspot. She’s also on CHBA-NL’s Board of Directors, is the chair of its Events and Marketing Committee, and is a dedicated member of NLOWE. In her spare time, Krystal enjoys practising muay thai and hanging out with her pup, Buddy.

About Reflective Marketing

Reflective Marketing is a social media marketing agency in St. John’s, Newfoundland. Our clients often present the same problem: “we’re doing great things, but nobody seems to know about them!” Our team will help you get known online and grow your business. We also provide private and group training sessions, often partnering with non-profit organizations and associations such as CBDC, NLOWE, YMCA, and Hospitality NL. You can find us on all your favourite social media channels, or at www.ReflectiveMarketing.com .

Krystal Hobbs - Reflective Marketing

Krystal Hobbs
Owner & Strategist, Reflective Marketing

T:  709-700-0400
E:  krystal@reflectivemarketing.com
A: 48 Welland Street, St. John’s, NL A1E 6C1


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Client Feedback

“Krystal has facilitated multiple training sessions with our clients at MBO on various topics related to their business development and growth. She is an engaging facilitator and is really great at explaining concepts because of her in-depth knowledge of the subjects she is teaching. Krystal is a business owner herself, so she understands what it is like to be in the process of starting your business and trying to learn as much as possible in a short amount of time. She is patient, kind, and speaks slowly and clearly. Not only does Krystal tell clients how to do something, but she also shows them through real-life examples and hands-on work.

Clients have said:
Krystal teaches at an effective pace for everyone
Krystal uses a combination of knowledge and know-how
Krystal uses a lot of concrete examples
Krystal’s advice was phenomenal

A big part of client success in using Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn can be attributed to Krystal’s wisdom! We look forward to continue working with Krystal. She is a social media wiz!”

Alicia Ivany, Metro Business Opportunities

“Krystal Hobbs (Reflective Marketing) was able to share her knowledge, tips and strategies for an online marketing session designed specifically for my clients. It was delivered in a friendly, open environment, using a hands-on approach to learning. Participants were able to ask questions, post, tweet and text then experience the instant replies – one of the many benefits of marketing online. I would recommend this session to others trying to grow their small business through online markets.”

Cyndy Stead, Planner for Cultural Craft Group of Partners on the Bonavista Peninsula

“I was delighted to attend “Go Live & Thrive! The Power of Facebook Live to Attract your Audience” with Krystal Hobbs. The session was quite informative for both me and my clients. Keeping up with social media can be a challenge but very rewarding for the business in gaining market reach. At our first efforts of using Facebook Live in follow up to this session, we achieved engagement with individuals that knew very little about our organization but have since followed up to become members. Highly recommend the training session. Krystal is a pro – always able to present in an open comfortable setting with plenty of helpful tips to improve one’s social media presence at any stage or level of use.”

Margo Soucy, Executive Director, CBDC Cabot

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