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Welcome to the place where the many facets of your brand voice are turned into gold. We manage all manner of social media marketing responsibilities for businesses of all sizes.

Facebook Ads

Tired of spending hours trying to come up with a catchy Facebook ad . . . only to watch it go down in flames because it was flagged for violating some obscure guideline? Or maybe you spent a bunch of money to boost posts and were stuck wondering why you didn’t get a single inquiry.

Reflective Marketing has you covered. We know what Facebook likes and how to generate leads that convert into customers. Our team has the expertise – creativity plus precision – to put ads to work for your business. That means using ads that attract quality leads like a magnet.

Our experts spend countless hours cracking the Facebook system, which is why we can say with confidence that we can generate leads for any business!

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Social Media Management

Running a business is hard. But social media management is in a class of its own. And it’s not for lack of trying.

Some businesses post daily on social media, with little results to show for it. They struggle to create content that drives engagement and gets their business in front of their ideal customers. Others simply don’t have the time or an in-house team to stay on top of their channels.

We match each client’s brand voice while saving them countless hours they can spend more productively. Whether that’s installing HVAC systems or coaching your clients one-on-one, you get to focus on doing your most important work. All the while, we attract, engage, and nurture wave after wave of potential customers as we help your business grow.

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Speaking & Training

Social media marketing might seem like arcane science that’s nearly impossible to put into simple terms . . . but it doesn’t have to be that way.

That’s why so many economic development, non-profit, and membership-based organizations come to Krystal Hobbs, the founder of Reflective Marketing, for engaging speaking and training sessions that will help drive attendance rates. Sample topics and further details can be found on our Speaking and Training page.

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Social Media Strategy

Reflective Marketing sees social media for what it is . . . a means to an end. We’ve mastered the strategic art of leveraging social media channels to bring in boat-loads of customers and higher revenue streams for our clients.

We develop a plan to outsmart others in your industry and win more clients. In addition to building a strategic roadmap, we include content calendars, checklists, and templates that you can implement so you’re always a few steps ahead.

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And The Proof Is in the Pudding . . . Or Should We Say the Case Studies!

Your success means our success, and we love when our clients win. Client-focused attention to detail – and results – that’s what Reflective Marketing is all about.

Take a look at what we’ve helped businesses achieve:

How we increased sales of Newfoundland Chocolate Company across Canada

with ecommerce ad campaign strategy

The Results

  • 587 purchases
  • 5.81x ROAS (return on ad spend)
  • 30% increase in average order value
  • 204% increase in online conversion rate
  • 48% increase in returning customers
View Case Study

And there are plenty more results like these. So when you’re ready to start landing clients like never before – with our signature Facebook ads designed to capture leads OR a strategy across social media channels, and more – book a free strategy call with us.

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