In order to grow, businesses in the trades need more people on the tools — but half the population is overlooked.

Among those advocating for more women in the trades is Nathalie Brooks. She is the owner of Brooks Heating & Air and co-founder of Women in HVACR Canada. A serial entrepreneur at heart, her family-run operation started from a home-based business with one truck, and in just a year, doubled their size and moved to a commercial building.

That rapid growth had its setbacks and breakthroughs that she’ll share with us in this episode. You’ll also learn more about Women in HVACR Canada and the many ways you can support their mission in this industry.

Listen in and learn about:

  • How Nathalie and her husband started and grew Brooks Heating & Air
  • Lessons learned from growing too fast!
  • Why probation periods are crucial
  • Building out your talent pipeline with apprentices and helpers
  • Maintaining a consistently high-quality service for customers
  • What you can do to support women in the trades

Mentioned in the episode:

Connect with Nathalie Brooks and Women in HVACR Canada on instagram: @brooksheating @women_in_hvacr_canada