Lesa Lacey is an expert on company culture, giving back to the community, and dealing with the labour shortage that is affecting the entire industry.

Lesa is a Business Development Manager at Lacey Construction, which started as a two-person operation (just Lesa and her husband, Eric!) and is now a team of over 50 employees. Lacey Construction is one of the fastest-growing companies in the industry and is on track to continue growing at a rapid pace.

In this episode of Beyond The Tools, Lesa talks about how the culture of families working for families helps to attract and retain talent, and how giving back to the community and really caring about other people helps to attract and retain clients.

If you’ve been struggling with the labour shortage or if you’re thinking about the big picture, like creating a company that you’re excited about and proud of, this interview is not to be missed.

Listen in and learn about:

  • How Lesa handled the rapid growth of her business
  • How Lacey Construction integrates “families working for families” in their branding
  • How they manage their company culture
  • Labour shortages in the construction industry (and how women are the solution!)
  • Prioritizing safety in the construction industry
  • Lesa’s one big piece of advice for builders and business owners

Mentioned on the episode:

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