One of the most powerful tools in your business toolkit is text messaging. Do you use it?

In this episode of Beyond The Tools, Krystal Hobbs breaks down all the benefits of text messaging for businesses. She shares client experiences and related statistics, proving how effective text messaging is compared to other modes of communication. You’ll also learn how to use texting to make yourself more approachable, get higher client response rates, and get more out of your conversations with clients overall.

Text messaging can help take your business to new heights – so tune in now to find out how!

Listen in and learn about:

  • The advantages of text messaging in communicating with your clients
  • Using text messaging in the home services industry
  • Making yourself more approachable with casual text conversations
  • How sending multiple texts in a row leads to a higher client response rate
  • Why you should be responsive to your client’s responses

Mentioned on the episode:

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