Thinking about starting a business in the middle of a pandemic? Yeah, us either, until we had the opportunity to chat with Jim Piccione, partner of Lincoln Mechanical Corporation, about how he launched his HVAC company in June of 2020 just as the world was shutting down!

Jim has extensive experience (25+ years) in the marketing and sales industry but decided he was ready to try something new. So, he started an HVAC business with two of his friends and their growth in the past year has been nothing short of impressive.

In this episode of Beyond The Tools, Jim talks about his journey into the HVAC world, the hurdles he has faced during the pandemic (and how he has met each of them with tenacity), the future growth of his company, and so much more!

As Jim says: “If you want to break into this field, you’ll need a thick skin, the ability to persevere through trial and error, and a lot of patience. Persistence triumphs over adversity.”

If you want advice about getting into the HVAC industry or how to deal with the hurdles of the pandemic as a business owner, make sure to listen to this episode!

Tune in and learn about:

  • The biggest hurdle Jim faced when starting a business in the middle of a pandemic
  • Systemizing your work and utilizing software for success
  • How to be successful in what seems like a saturated market
  • The barriers your HVAC company might be facing and how to fix them
  • Jim’s #1 piece of advice for business growth

Mentioned on the episode:

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