Building a community on social media has its struggles, but HVAC Jess has been able to push past all those barriers and build her own community on Instagram.

HVAC Jess is a Level 3 HVAC Apprentice at Cam Cool Refrigeration Inc and the President of Women in HVACR Canada. She is a third-generation HVAC contractor who works at her family business that specializes in commercial and industrial HVAC and refrigeration.

In today’s episode, we hear from HVAC Jess who talks about building an online community on Instagram and how it can be a tough feat, especially for women in the industry.

Tune in to learn the importance of having a supportive community and how consistency is the most important rule to building your online presence.

Listen in and learn about:

  • Social media advice for beginners
  • The lessons Jess has learned while working in the trades
  • Building a community of women in HVAC
  • How Jess became interested in the HVAC industry
  • Inspiring young women to get into trade jobs
  • Transitioning from office life to fieldwork

Mentioned on the episode:

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