Is your business suffering from mediocrity and brand confusion?

Mike Claudio is the CEO and Head Coach at WinRate Consulting. He initially ventured out working in sales for Verizon, but then later found success in helping remodeling and roofing companies grow. Currently, he is a business professional coach and mentor, founder of a noble non-profit organization, best-selling author, host of a podcast, and a Youtuber.

In today’s episode, Mike joins us to talk about how contractors and businesses can improve through developing an altruistic approach, inspecting past solutions, and creating better content. He also emphasizes personal branding as a top business priority and how niching down can make your business more distinct and efficient.

We also hear about his journey of how he started A Champions Shoes, a non-profit organization that is dedicated to providing children with brand new pairs of shoes. Currently, the company aims to provide 1 million pairs by 2026, all while promoting champion-level confidence in children.

Interested in groundbreaking tips on how to improve your business? Then be sure to not miss this episode!

Listen in and learn about:

  • How an altruistic approach can help contractors improve their sales
  • The importance of inspecting past solutions
  • Better content creation with the ‘3 Whys Tactic’
  • Personal branding as a business priority
  • Avoiding brand confusion and inefficiency by niching down
  • His opinion on company Gmail addresses
  • How he is building champion-level confidence in children through his non-profit organization

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