How do you convey to a homeowner that you are there for them in the long term?

That’s where extended warranties come in to play.

A good extended service agreement (ESA), also known as an extended warranty, helps your HVAC company grow not only in terms of sales but also in terms of client retention and customer satisfaction. Our guest today, Gus Vassilopoulos from Trinity Warranty, is just the person to help us understand this area. Trinity is one of the leading extended warranty and facility management providers in the HVAC/R industry. Their ESA programs cover all major manufacturer brands of equipment and let you pick the level of coverage and reimbursement rate that best suits your company.

Listen in and learn about:

  • How to incorporate extended warranties that fit your pricing model
  • How to articulate the value of extended warranties to the homeowner
  • The exclusions that make the ESA effective
  • Understanding reimbursement rates for different type of repairs
  • The after-service scenario for contractors with Trinity Warranty

…and more!

Connect with Trinity Warranty on their website at and find Gus on Linkedin