Greg Hussey is a business owner and entrepreneur who branched off of the family business to start his own contracting company, Karwood Contracting, in 1999.

Karwood Contracting is an established building and development company that has been winning awards since its inception for its expertise in energy-efficient homes, accessible design, and green solutions for residential and commercial properties.

Three years ago, Greg expanded the business into a second geographic market and couldn’t be happier with his decision. In this episode of Beyond The Tools, Greg shares with us how he was able to expand, how his team approached this decision, the challenges that came with it, and all of the amazing things that came out of it for Karwood.

As Greg says: “Businesses can only do one of two things: build or shrink. In order for us not to shrink, we had to find a new market.”

If you’ve ever thought about “what’s next?” for your business, you’ll want to be sure to tune into this episode!

Listen in and learn about:

  • Expanding into a new market and the tools you need to do so successfully
  • Hiring skilled people who believe in your company philosophy
  • The growth of Karwood Contracting and how you can apply it to your own business
  • Greg’s experiences running a company in two different markets
  • Greg’s #1 piece of advice for expanding into a new market

Mentioned on the episode:

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