Are you struggling to scale your business to the next level? Are you desperate to build a dream team so that you can unplug every once-in-a-while and spend some quality time with your family?

On today’s show, our host, Krystal, reveals how you do just that. She reveals her big WHY that inspired her to start this podcast, and how listening to this show can help you and your business.

Growing up, Krystal saw her young parents struggle long and hard to build their dream home. In the early days, her family lived in government housing with the goal of getting back on their feet and building their savings. Finally, when Krystal was 13, they moved into their own home built by her stepdad, who was a carpenter. And a big dream came true!

Needless to say, when Krystal started her agency, Reflective Marketing, she naturally gravitated toward home builders and home service providers.

Many contractors struggle to expand their business beyond a couple of guys and a truck. Because they rely on word-of-mouth marketing, their business is susceptible to feast and famine cycles.

In this show, Krystal will be sharing some actionable tips to help business owners (and especially contractors) leverage social media to generate a steady flow of leads. Also, she will interview other successful contractors who are already using social media to grow their business.

Tune in for some great nuggets!

What You Will Learn In This Show:

  • My background and how I got involved in the residential construction industry
  • My big “why” that inspired me to start my own advertising agency
  • How my agency helps residential construction and home service businesses
  • Leveraging social media to grow your business to the next level
  • And so much more…