On today’s show, we interview The Phone Lady, Mary Jane Copps who shares with us her wisdom on lead generation, lead follow-up, and sales strategy.

If you are just working “in your business” as opposed to working “on your business”, you are probably not devoting your energies towards sales and lead generation. Because of this, you might be experiencing boom-and-bust cycles – busy seasons followed by periods of lull.

Our guest for today, Mary shares how a consistent sales effort can help you keep your sales pipeline full.  We also dispel some common misconceptions about sales and lead generation today.

You will learn how you can use reverse engineering to accurately quantify your sales efforts. And how to break down your big goals into bite-sized and achievable tasks.

As a trusted authority from the world of sales, Mary calls out some of the common mistakes that businesses make (particularly folks in the construction industry). You will learn how you can come up with engaging and high-converting sales scripts without being overly pushy and salesy.

This show is loaded with real gold guaranteed to help you and your business.


What You Will Learn In This Show

  • Expert tips for increasing your lead flow
  • How to convert a lead without resorting to typical, pushy sales conversations
  • Using the reverse-engineering to estimate the quantum of the sales effort
  • Avoiding a feast and famine cycle
  • And so much more…