When Ellen Rohr married a plumber, she also married into the plumbing business. After nearly sinking their company, Ellen managed to turn things around and grow it. She is now the owner and President of Zoom Drain Franchise, LLC., a franchise system for service companies in the drain and sewer cleaning industry. Ellen authored several business books about business planning and financial literacy. Currently, she hosts the PHCPPros: Behind the Wall podcast.

In this latest episode of Beyond The Tools, you will learn how pricing is more than just a financial decision. Ellen shares an inspiring story of herself, from being The Plumber’s Wife to becoming The Business Makeover Expert. She also dives deep into financial clean-up, profitable pricing, and how these steps can help business owners get their heads out of the sand and make more profit.

If you want to know how price increases impact your business, don’t miss this episode!

Listen in and learn about:

  • Why Ellen quit her job to work in the trades
  • The steps she took to turn her sinking business around
  • Why you need to look at your P&L WEEKLY
  • How to make your business more profitable
  • …and finally get paid what you’re worth!

Mentioned on the episode:

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