As a contractor, how do you stand out in your local marketplace?

In a crowded industry, competing on price or quality of work will only go so far. The real key to staying ahead of your competition is to provide value for your customers by staying ahead of new technologies and standards.

In today’s episode of Beyond the Tools, Krystal chats with Curtis Mercer, President and CEO of K&P Contracting Ltd., President of Heat Seal Ltd. and owner of LRM Consulting Solutions. He began his wide-ranging career as the youngest ever Town Manager in Newfoundland, eventually moving on to work for the federal government until he joined K&P Contracting.

You’ll learn how K&P has established itself as a leader in energy efficiency for the past 45 years, building the first R2000 and Net Zero Ready houses in Newfoundland in 1981 and 2014 respectively.

You’ll discover how he uses lifecycle cost analyses to help clients understand the long-term benefits of a more energy efficient home without the need to “push.”

You’ll also learn how Curtis was able to leverage these forward-thinking strategies into a successful consulting business that educates the industry as much as it educates clients.

Standing out in your local market should involve much more than just offering a lower price. It has to be about providing the best value to your clients, as well as making your industry better for all. Join Krystal and Curtis as they explore this idea and much more.

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What You’ll Learn in this Show:

  • How being part of the Canadian Homebuilders Association was both personally and professionally fulfilling, and how he’s trying to improve the industry.
  • How he communicates (often invisible) energy efficiency benefits to clients by helping them see beyond the finished product using lifecycle cost analyses.
  • How Curtis leveraged the unique features of his business into a successful consulting company that educates builders and consumers.
  • And so much more…