Wouldn’t it be great if business owners could hand off all the admin and office work, and focus instead on what they do best?

Today’s guest, Charlie Felker, enlightens us on how this is possible with outsourced solutions. In the early stages of growth, home service company owners wear a lot of hats — but handing off your admin work is one of the first things you can do to grow your business faster. Charlie shares his insights on when to hand-off admin work, the considerations for in-house VS outsourced office work, and how to structure your admin team.

Prior to starting Free2Grow, Charlie ran his own successful home service company for five years, where he recognized the challenges that contractors face when it comes to office management.

Listen in and learn about:

  • Why most home service companies don’t need a full-time office manager
  • The key systems you need to manage customer correspondence effectively
  • When to outsource tasks and when to handle them in-house
  • What to look for when hiring administrative help

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