Chad Peterman is the President and CEO of Peterman Brothers Heating, Plumbing, and Electric along with his brother Tyler. He is the author of ‘You Can’t Stop The Growth: How to Build a Culture That Takes Care of Your Customers.’ He is also the host of a weekly podcast called ‘Can’t Stop The Growth.’

Chad is an entrepreneur that is passionate about empowering his employees, and he believes it is the #1 hack to growing your company along with maintaining great company culture.

In this episode of Behind the Tools, Chad talks about the specifics of how they attract and retain employees. Tune in to listen to his controversial take that the labor shortage doesn’t actually matter and if you think it matters, that it’s probably what’s going to be your downfall when it comes to your company’s success.

If you want the formula to keep your employees happy, don’t miss this episode!

Tune in and learn about:

  • The formula to keeping your people happy
  • Ensuring your employees are on the right path
  • The struggles of being a new leader
  • How DiSC profiles reflect leadership
  • A controversial opinion about the labor shortage
  • The power of educating workers

Mentioned on the episode:

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