If you’re a business owner, this one is for you!

Bob Deeks is the Founder and President of RDC Fine Homes, a multi-award-winning company and a Holmes Approved Homes builder. Previously, he was the President of the Canadian Home Builders Association of BC, and he is now heavily involved in the Canadian Home Builders Association on a national level.

In today’s episode of Beyond The Tools, we talk about the future of sustainable building, and how Bob and his team keep innovating and staying ahead of the curve.

We also talk about how RDC Fine Homes attract and retain players in the business and given the current labour shortage, this is something that everybody needs to hear.

And lastly, we talk about the risk of relying on referrals, especially when it comes to retaining those employees. Tune in as Bob shares his tips on how to continuously attract new customers to your business without relying on referrals!

Listen in and learn about:

  • Bob’s early work life in the home building industry
  • Importance of energy efficient homes
  • How to sell high performance houses
  • How to select materials for the construction process that are low in carbon emissions
  • The return on investment of doing volunteer work
  • Why safety culture is vital at RDC Fine Homes
  • Importance of a good website and social presence
  • The construction economy

Mentioned on the episode:

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