Are you struggling to follow up with all the leads for your business? Some say a high lead volume is a good problem to have, but if you aren’t following up effectively, you’re missing out on thousands of dollars in new revenue and potentially damaging your company’s reputation in the process.

Arin Darcan is the chief executive officer at Team Follow Up and managing director and co-owner of Hawk Reach. In an effort to improve the quality of leads that agencies land, he pioneered a game-changing follow-up system with increasing client retention and happiness at its core.

In this episode of Beyond the Tools, Arin walks us through the process of how he established Team Follow Up and how successful lead follow-up is done. Furthermore, he also shares what makes an ideal appointment setter and a few helpful tidbits on following up with leads and making better calls.

Want to generate more appointments for your business? Tune in to this episode to find out how!

Listen in and learn about:

  • The process of successfully following up with leads
  • What efficient and organized lead follow-up means for someone looking to grow their business
  • Characteristics of an appointment setter to look out for
  • Arin’s personal experiences working in the lead follow-up industry
  • Some tips and tricks to make better calls

Mentioned on the episode:

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