Your technicians are the face of your company – they’re the ones who interact with customers and provide them with the service they need – so providing them with the right support is crucial. In this episode, we speak to Aaron Salow, the CEO and founder of XOi Technologies, on how to better support your technicians with technology to improve productivity, satisfaction, employee retention, provide a better customer experience and grow your market share.

Aaron Salow is passionate about addressing the shortage of skilled workers in the field service industry. Blue collar work marked his entire personal and professional life, instilling in him the importance of hard-working people in our everyday lives.

Listen in and learn about:

  • The difficulties around the skilled trade shortage and how the industry is changing
  • What is causing a knowledge gap between technicians, service leaders, and business owners
  • The challenge of technology under-serving technicians, and how this can be a problem for companies
  • The impact of technician trust on market share
  • How XOi Technologies supports technicians with self-serve diagnostics
  • The importance of change management and culture in technology deployment

Mentioned on the episode:

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