Are you doing all your lead follow-up manually? Manually following up on leads is exhausting. But for your business to thrive, you must be available to your current clients, your team and to new leads coming in. It’s exciting to have leads coming in once your paid ads are up and running. But, do you have systems in place to manage all your leads?

In today’s show, Krystal shares how using marketing automation for lead follow-up can help reduce stress and overwhelm.

Email marketing is one of the most obvious yet under-utilized tools. Listeners will learn how the latest CRMs can allow them to build and nurture relationships with leads in a totally hands-off and automated manner.

Using the example of a local home builder client, Krystal shows the power and success of automated text messages in their lead process.

A well built and well functioning CRM allows you to manage the abundance of leads successfully, have everything in one place, save you time and enable you to delegate tasks within your own team.

If you’re in the position where you are going crazy with leads, tune in for some great insights of how you can take the pressure off, give yourself some breathing room and still follow up successfully with leads.

What You Will Learn In This Show

  • Why you need to automate your lead follow-up
  • Best practices for nurturing your leads to make them more likely to convert!
  • How to leverage the power of text messaging
  • And so much more…