How do you deal with the departure of a core team member?

It’s an unfortunate truth: from time to time, one of your core team members will make the decision to move on from your business. Losing someone, no matter the reason, is never ideal, and in some cases, it can even be disruptive, particularly in a small business.

In today’s episode, Krystal provides some insight she’s recently gained from the departure of one of her key team members. What a year ago could have been a stressful event has been made easier thanks to the processes she’s built into her business and the lessons she’s learned along the way. You’ll learn the importance of having solid processes in place, why it’s vital to act quickly when challenges arise, as well as the value of having access to resources that can help in any situation. You’ll also discover why being directly connected with all areas of your business is a powerful tool in and of itself – one specific to businesses with small teams.

Krystal walks you through some key processes and strategies, along with some powerful questions you can ask yourself to ensure that your business is ready to handle anything that occurs along the road to success.


What You’ll Learn in this Show:

  • How to prepare your business for the loss of a team member.
  • Creating detailed, up-to-date processes to make team transitions and campaign challenges far easier to manage.
  • The importance of creating a hiring plan when .
  • The benefits of having a broad and rich network of contacts.
  • And so much more…