How can home contractors leverage social media to scale and grow their business?

In today’s show, Krystal talks to Krista Pippy, Director of Sales and Designs, Dream Kitchens, and Renovations. Krystal gives us a peek into her social media strategy as she discusses her “Kitchen Talk” video series and new book, Beyond Design: Complete Kitchens.

Posting great content on social media is something that most business owners struggle with. On today’s show, you will learn how to build a great following and generate business through social media by keeping it down-to-earth and real.

Krista has adopted an omnipresent marketing strategy as she is active on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and more recently, YouTube and TikTok. Out of these, which social media platform is generating the maximum leads for Krista?

In the last segment of the show, Krista reveals how she went about writing her book, Beyond Design: Complete Kitchens.

Learn how she managed to overcome her writer’s block by seeking out professional help.


What You Will Learn In This Show

  • Tips for home contractors who wish to leverage social media
  • How to keep it real on social media
  • Adopting an omnipresent marketing strategy
  • And so much more…