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Target, engage, reinforce and remind.

Email Marketing

In this modern world of multiple social media channels, it’s easy to forget about good ol’ email, but your email list remains one of your most valuable marketing assets. Here’s how we’ll maximize this old dog’s potential with some neat new tricks:

  • Create relevant, targeted email messages that are specific to the audience you’re emailing. We can even segment your list so that one group of customers receives a message relevant to them, while another group receives a different message altogether. That makes for powerful, targeted communications!
  • Reach an audience that is not necessarily engaged on social media. (Yes, they do exist!)
  • Act as a reminder to your audience and keep you top of mind. Email is a powerful supplement to your social media efforts.

We use MailChimp or any email marketing solution you might currently be using, and you can trust us to ensure compliance with Canada’s Anti Spam Legislation.

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