Are you struggling to create a business that can run without you?

Do you feel imprisoned by a business that cannot function without your day-to-day input?

We all know how hard it can be to keep things streamlined.

When you start a business there are a bunch of hats you have to wear, things to oversee, and there’s important knowledge that only exists inside your own head.

How can you hang up some of those hats, enjoy more personal freedom, and still make money?

Well, today’s guest is Robert Matheny. He shares how introducing processes in your business can allow things to move, expand, and grow without you in the driver’s seat.

Robert is the co-founder of Reliability Home Services and Service Ninja. He is an author, consultant, and father of five foster children. He teaches the strategies he used to build a sustainable and successful business as well as the things that made a difference for his clients.

He shares how he created a business that he could step away from without having to constantly worry or be present to see its success.

Don’t miss this chance to learn from Rob’s unique perspective and take your business to the next level (and still live a life you love)!

Listen in and learn about:

  • How to quickly and easily begin building processes (and why they should be the foundation of your business)
  • How CSRs can better manage customers
  • Why you should step away from a first come, first serve system and start prioritizing customer value
  • How to exponentially grow your business without trading in work-life balance
  • Why automation is not just about leveraging technology
  • How to gain more freedom in your life and make money while doing it
  • How to streamline your business with purpose, process, and systemization

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