Are you struggling with your business? Don’t throw in the towel! Here’s why.

We had the opportunity to chat with Aaron Gaynor, owner and CEO of The Eco Plumbers, about his journey from going bankrupt to starting a business that brings in $30 million in yearly revenue (and continues to grow with plans to hit $40 million this year!).

Aaron has many years of experience being a business owner, and just like any great business, it comes with major challenges. When Aaron filed for bankruptcy from his previous business, he learned one of the greatest skills of his life: resiliency.

In this episode of Beyond The Tools, Aaron talks about how being resilient helped him reinvent himself, be the leader that he needs to be to get his business to the next level, and how it taught him how to ultimately empower his team of over 200 employees.

He also talks about the growth of his business in the past few years, his tips on helping managers grow and evolve, how he gets his team involved, his school for training new plumbers, and so much more!

If you need a little motivation to reinvent your life and tips to become a great leader even after a major setback, you won’t want to miss this episode!

Listen in and learn about:

  • Aaron’s story of resiliency after bankruptcy (and what pushed him through)
  • The Eco Plumbers growth in the past few years (we’re talking double-digit millions)
  • His tips on helping managers grow and evolve
  • How he handles self-doubt and challenges
  • The importance of company culture to achieve goals
  • How he created new labor, rather than exchanging labor, by opening a school to train more plumbers (with over 70 graduates already!)

Mentioned on the episode:

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