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Our Team

Reflective Marketing officially opened its doors on April 1, 2014 with a single employee, three clients and a whole lot of determination! Since then, our team and our client base has grown and our social expertise has sharpened to produce the finely polished product you see today. Our clients come from far and wide and in all shapes and sizes, from a bakery to a dating coach, from real estate companies to tourism operators. What they all have in common is a proven belief in the power of social marketing, and an experienced, efficient social media marketing agency helping to get their message clearly across to their target markets. Ready to get reflective? Get in touch!

Krystal Hobbs | Reflective Marketing

Owner &Strategist

Amanda Harding | Reflective Marketing

Social Media Specialist

Facebook Ads Specialist

Buddy | Reflective Marketing

Director of Treats

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