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Facebook Live

Feeling nervous about broadcasting live on Facebook? Wondering how Facebook Live can really make an impact for your business? Download our free guide, Facebook Live: Your Guide to a Confident, Compelling Broadcast! 

Have you seen your Facebook reach dwindling in the past few weeks? Are the types of posts that once skyrocketed in reach and engagement now experiencing crickets? I’ve seen it over and over again with clients since Facebook started putting the push on live video content.

Facebook’s recent algorithm update requires you to “spark conversation” and “generate meaningful social interactions.” This means that engagement is more important than ever.

With Facebook Live receiving 6x the interactions on average than any other post type, now is the time to leverage Facebook Live to stand out, get known, and grow your business!

If you’ve been cursing your organic reach on Facebook and wondering how to get more engagement on your Page, you need to get comfortable with Facebook Live.

With this quick guide to running your first Facebook Live, you’ll learn how to:

  • Promote your Facebook Live in advance to get more live viewers;
  • Plan the content of your Facebook Live;
  • Prepare what to do immediately before, during, and after your first Live video;
  • Follow up with your audience to maximize the effectiveness of Facebook Live!


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