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1 Simple Mistake That’s Costing You Page Likes on Facebook

Is your workplace showing? Here is a quick tip to make sure your work is publicly displayed on your personal Facebook profile. This is especially important if you’re self-employed and looking to build a following on your Facebook Page, or if you’re participating in Facebook groups! By adding your business to your Facebook profile and having it linked correctly, anyone who finds you on Facebook will be able to easily find your Facebook Page. Watch the video below to learn this one simple step to building your Facebook audience:


Not one for video? Here’s a quick summary:

A common mistake I see countless business owners make is not properly listing their business on their personal Facebook profile. Here’s how you can fix this:

Step 1: Click on the “About” tab. Here, you’ll see your work history as you’ve listed it on Facebook.

Step 2: If your current workplace isn’t listed, click “Add a workplace.” If it is, you can hover over “Options” on the listing and click on “Edit.”

Step 3: In the “Company” field, start typing your business name as it’s listed on Facebook. Your Page should pop up in the drop-down menu.

Step 4: Click on your Page to add it to your “About” section. Make sure this workplace is public. Click “Save Changes.”

Step 5: When you return to your timeline, your Facebook Page should be displayed prominently on the “Intro” section of your profile on Facebook. You should be able to click your business name and be redirected to your Facebook Page. Pretty easy, right?

Now, anyone who finds you on Facebook will be able to quickly find your Facebook Page. It’s a simple way to make sure the Page Likes keep rolling in. 🙂


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