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Time to Forgive and Forget: Brenda Kelleher-Flight on Connect & Thrive

We recently welcomed Brenda Kelleher-Flight of GDP Consulting back to the Connect & Thrive [LIVE] Show! Brenda is a professional coach who believes that happiness comes from within, success can be self-defined, and that everyone has a right to succeed. The goal of her coaching endeavours are to unlock the potential of boards, organizations, small businesses

Stop Fearing the Phone: Mary Jane Copps on Connect & Thrive

In today’s digital world, we’ve grown accustomed to emailing, texting, and Messenger. But there is something magical about connecting with people on the phone. If you’re anything like I used to be, you’d probably rather write 3000 words than call a complete stranger. That’s where Mary Jane Copps, otherwise known as The Phone Lady, comes

1 New & Easy Way to Retarget Potential Customers

When I was setting up a Facebook ad campaign with a client this week, my eyes lit up to find a new Facebook feature I’ve been anticipating for weeks. Now, you can show ads to anyone who has interacted with your Facebook Page in the past year — either clicking, liking, sharing, or saving a post or ad,

1 Simple Mistake That’s Costing You Page Likes on Facebook

Is your workplace showing? Here is a quick tip to make sure your work is publicly displayed on your personal Facebook profile.

3 Tips to Maximize Your Business Exposure on Facebook

Are you 100% confident that you’re using Facebook as well as you can for your business? We all share the same challenges: we are working so hard, and we’re always trying to figure out the most effective way to reach our potential customers.

Why CASL Shouldn’t Spook Your Email Marketing

Since Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL) was announced last year, small business owners have been scrambling to clean up their email marketing practices, or worse — they have dropped email marketing altogether.

5 Simple Tweaks to Boost Your Facebook Ad Performance

It’s a story I hear all the time from small business owners like yourself: You have a Facebook Page for your business. You post regularly (when you have time!), but you’re frustrated that you’re only reaching a small percentage of your audience.