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1 New & Easy Way to Retarget Potential Customers

When I was setting up a Facebook ad campaign with a client this week, my eyes lit up to find a new Facebook feature I’ve been anticipating for weeks. Now, you can show ads to anyone who has interacted with your Facebook Page in the past year — either clicking, liking, sharing, or saving a post or ad, or even sending a message over Messenger.


So, what exactly does this mean for your business?

Imagine you’re browsing Facebook and your favourite local jeweller posts something new. Maybe you…

a) Clicked on the photo to see it in detail;
b) Visited their Facebook Page;
c) Clicked the call-to-action button on their Facebook Page;
d) Sent them a message; or,
e) Saved the post to look at it again later.

A week later, you notice a Facebook ad that tells you there is an exclusive sale for those who engage with them on Facebook. You’ve just been retargeted!

Right now, the options are fairly simple, and it applies to those who have engaged with any post.


However, in the future, I can definitely see Facebook having an option to select specific posts. So, if that jeweller had posted about a brand new watch and you liked the photo, you might later see an ad specific to that watch.

Ready to create your custom audience of engaged Facebook users? Here’s how:

  1. Visit the Audiences section of Facebook Ads Manager
  2. Click Create Audience >> Custom Audience.
  3. Select Engagement on Facebook *NEW*
  4. Select Page *NEW*
  5. From here, you have several options. I recommend starting with Everyone who engaged with your page and a duration of 365 days. Later, you can add more specific audiences or try shorter durations, like the last 7 days.



Voila! Now, you have a custom audience of Facebook users who are actually interacting with your Page. When you run your next Facebook ad campaign, try targeting this audience to see if they’re more likely to perform the action you’re looking for. I expect you’ll get a much higher click-through-rate at a much lower cost per action.


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